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I own a 2011 Volvo XC60, it is flood damaged when I bought, everything was great and functional. As soon as I changed the oil, coincidently windows control on driver side door stopped working (other door's controls are working fine). After few weeks, seat adjustment controls (both driver and passenger side) stopped working, next few weeks BLIS (blind spot indicator) stopped working. Another thing, I would like to mention, it had ABS lights on when I bought it and I was planning to change the sensors but now I have to deal with other issues.

I checked fuses related with these functions, all fuses look good. I know flood related issues with electrical connections come up with time. I am new to Volvo, is there any device to troubleshoot these issues for Volvo that I can use?
Where do you'all (Gurus) think, I should be focusing? I would like to have clues on what to do and where to start? I am not sure if Volvo dealership can assist without heavily impacting my pocket. Any clue or tip would be really appreciated.

And yes, I know flood damage automobile purchase was bad decision but I already have it and have to deal with it :) I had one flood damage before from Nissan, I used it for more then 10 years with no issues.
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