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176,000 miles
I live in a climate this is extremely hot during the summer months. (40C 120+F) I recently had a shop do an evacuation and recharge of the AC system on this car. They put in the required refrigerant and the system held a -5 PSI for about 20 minutes. There were no leaks.

I did this in response to the following condition – I tend to make multiple stops of about 15 miles between each. As the day gets hotter on intermittent random occasions the AC will cut out and produce warm air. After I restart the car, it runs again. On occasion, if I turn off the fan and then turn it back on the air will get cold as it cycles the condenser on and off.
At a traffic light it will cycle on and off to the thermostat without problems. I’m trying to analyze these random shut offs. My sense is that its not likely to be the compressor but possibly the high side pressure switch may be going. I’ve little experience with AC.

The system is charged and it has no leaks. The grills are clean and there is no debris anywhere. No ice forming etc.

Any ideas?
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