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QUOTE(arejohn @ Dec 29 2004, 12:38 AM)I had the same problem and it was very intermittent. Has not occured after s/w update. I also had a slow response after depressing accellerator which was also fixed with the update.

Hi there,
We have a 2002 xc70 awd and the dealer changed the whole transmission a month ago because our problem was that at 60kmh in top gear and with the car going to a slight incline on the highway with the corresponding throttle increase the whole car started to shudder until the kick down was invoked or it kicked down its own or you went into manual mode and forced it down into 4th. They cannot find why it did that. The problem got owrse over a period of 4 months until I could finally do it at will whilst the mechanic was in the car.

It is now doing it again with the new gearbox! They are scratching their heads over this. I have heard that the Throttle Body Module might be at fault (from this forum, search around) and that will be the next thing to look at.

I hate this car now, it's gearbox system is overly complicated. Volvo never used to be like that. It used to be dependable which is why we bought it.
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