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Hi everyone,

Apologies for the long post, I need some advice on a new volvo I am about to buy.

Today I've been to Beckland Volvo (Birmingham CC dealer)

They have some Volvo S40 Classic sports, 3 in total. 1.8, 2.0 autos and a diesel auto.

The one I liked was a metallic black 1.8 automatic priced at £12,993.

After speaking to a salesman he said they were the last S40 classics as the New S40 had replaced them. (no problem with that)

He told me the car; an 04 plate was brand new, a pre-registered vehicle and I would be the very first owner as it only had 17 miles one the clock.

From the brochure the list price and extras on the vehicle came to a £18600, apart from the Auto transmission (£1100 extra) the list price of about £15700 I'm not sure how he come up with the figure of £18600.

I took the S40 classic 2.0 out for a test drive as he could not get the car I wanted out for some reason. He said all the features of the car was the same if not more on the one I was interested in.

I then took a drive over to the renault garage to look at some megane. Compared to the "new" volvo the megane was cheap taccy clothe and I much preferred the volvo.

We (my wife and I - well more me) decided on the Volvo, I called the salesman and arranged for me to go back in tomorrow to pay a deposit and in the meantime he out a sold sign on it.

I've got home tonight and had a quick look in the net ( states the S40 classic sports price is only £13,500. and another site says £16-£17k

I logged onto the and could only find the New S40, a link to web site and did a search for the S40 classic and for my car.

It suggests my car actually has 241 miles and is a used car. I tried calling the garage to confirm but it was closed.

Basically I am now wondering exactly what the OTR price is, how much I'm actually saving and I'd like to know more importantly if the car and the price £12,993 is a good price or not??

Again, apologies for the long message but I need to know as I dont want to go spending £13k of my hard earned dosh if I'm getting a back deal.


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