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Dear Members,

As we are now a family with 3 growing boys our 01 Golf 1.4 comfortline estate has had to make way for our newest arrival, a 2003 V70 demo model with 15,000 miles on the clock.
Not to critise the Golf in any way, all the models we have over the years and the 3 door TDI we still have, have been super little cars. The lack of space was probably the reason for changing to the V70, but as our 3 boys deserve the highest safety features while travelling, this estate is proving an ideal motor car.
Last week I drove the V70 on its first long journey and I am delighted with it and its performance.
Our model was supplied without roof rails, if any members know of suppliers of Volvo roof rails at a compeditive price I would be very greatful.

Stephen Nolan.
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