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2001 XC 70 Crank Case Sludge

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The Low Performance Light came on on our 2001 Wagon ( 60,000 miles) . $1,300 later the dealer said the problem was a plugged Crank Case Ventaltion valve. We were told that we should have had it cleaned at our 30,000 mile check up. We have brought our car in to the dealer every 5, 000 miles for an oil change, and also have had all recommended services done. Has any one heard of this problem?
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For some reason this is becoming a problem lately.But it usualy happens to cars that are not properly maintained.If you change your oil every 5,000 miles there shouldn't be a problem with it.Is your car still under warranty?If so it should have been covered under warranty.If you are just out of warranty i would complain to every one i can in the Volvo corp.They might decide to take care of it for you.
Good luck Any more quiestions feel free to ask.
$1300, they must have done a little more than clean or replace the PCV.
How do you clean the PCV oil trap? I recently bought a new PCV oil trap since it was cheap. I thought replacing a new one is easier than cleaning old one. But, I can't put a socket to remove one bolt (the other one is OK) unless I take out all PS pump, alternator, A/C compressor.

Hence, I would like to clean the PCV valve. Please post how to clean the PCV oil trap (or a nipple in intake manifold). I don't have any issues yet, I change Mobil 1 synthetic oil every 5000 miles. But, I would like to maintain properly before something happens. Thanks.
A special tool is needed to remove the screw in the back.It looks like a box wrench welded onto a long peice of rod.

There is no actual PCV valve on these cars. When you take everything apart inspect all hoses and nipples.Make sure there is flow through all the hoses.
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