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I have read about other V70XC problems but mine seems to have a different twist. I have had my car in and out of shops trying to figure out different codes about my transmission problems. The "transmission service required" warning comes up and sometimes the car won't start. The gear indicator on the dash board only shows a dash instead of saying Park or Reverse, etc. The light near the gear stick won't show the current gear, either. I have parked the car for a day and then it starts right up, no warning lights, no problems. Sometimes the warning light stays on for days, though, but then just turns off for no reason.
I have also gone through 4 or 5 headlights in the past 8 months, I don't think that it is related to the previous problem.
Other codes that have come up are "eletrical system failure", "position light failure" and "check engine".
These are all new problems, the car worked great until we hit the 78k mile mark.
The local shops are out of guesses, any help would be appreciated.

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The headlights are pretty much normal.
The trans and no start problem could either be a gear position sensor or the little shift plate that indicates what position the shifter is in.The position light warning is for the taillights.
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