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Right now l have a a 2002 V40 wagon and really enjoy it because of the gas mileage, room and being agile. Even though it has only 160 hp it eally moves compared with a full size V70. The cargo area in the V40 is almost as big as the V70.

The problem is that my hobby and my dog compels me to pick up a used V70 for the extra back seat room and being a little larger in the rear cargo area as far as depth with the back seats down.

This will be a third car.

What l need to know is after what l have read is that the 2000 is a better choice but does it come with a lot of cons.

My V40 has several bugs but l have learned to live with them.

Which is the better engine forgetting gas mileage. I have a corvette so speed is really not the issue and also have a Jaguar X so l do not need AWD which only weighs the car down.



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There really isn't much diffrence between the 1999 and 2000 model year they were all the same.Either motor will be fine for you ill leave that as preference. You can get a couple hundred thousand miles out of either motor.Both model years had the same problems.ABS modules,A/C evaperators, window switches, and throttle bodys.

Good luck on choosing your car.
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