2000 Volvo S70 Special Edition

Volvo means “I roll” in Swedish.

They used to be a ball bearing company.

They use a lot of boron steel.

I used to sell these durable cars.

I consider it second to Mercedes, yet more affordable to maintain.

97k miles

Daily Driver and Cross Country Ready
Smogged 05/14/22

Runs and shifts like new ( new $800 electronic throttle body , fresh oil change, and spark plugs ).
No leaks, No smoke.

The 2 codes are for traction and air conditioning clutch ( the a/c works sometimes )

Gas gauge and temperature gauge also do not work. Digital gas gauge works excellent.

Some of the lights in the cluster are out.
All rubber on the car is close to excellent condition. Nothing is dried up for being a 22 year old car.

Clean interior and headliner.

Minor rip on the inner bolster of the driver seat ( driver seat belt receiver does not work and hood release latch needs to be connected to the cable )

Suspension is excellent. No surprises.
Brakes are in in excellent condition with lots of brake pad life.

All exterior lights work.

Taking care of fixing the A/C Clutch and traction control is the buyers responsibility.

Clean title.
Registered to 03/23
This car will outlast you……if you take care of it. I encourage new Volvo buyers to learn about the product before purchase, and welcome repeat Volvo owners.
$2,800. Low ballers don’t waist your time with a 97k mile car that is capable of an additional 300k miles in this economy.
San Jose