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Can any one help me sort out why my electric door mirrors will not work?
The drivers door mirror was completely smashed by a passing car in a narrow lane. The passenger door mirror still worked. I fitted a new drivers door mirror and plugged it in. It did not work, and now the passenger one will not work either!
Is there a hidden fuse somwhere not on the main fuse box? Any suggestions would be very welcome. Many thanks, Richard

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Sorry to hear that. Just a few weeks back, mine (passenger door) was also smashed by one of the newer Toyotas (City, i think) and his dropped hanging to the door by the wires like
, while I was IN THE CAR! Talk about attitudes.

He stopped the car, when he realised I was in the car, and as I opened the door. Guess what. MY baby's "ears" only had a scratch! (Of course,
I managed to extortion some RM20 bucks out of him for the 'polishing' repairs.
) Checked the remote control and it worked OK.

Next time, have respect, dude. Toyotas are still TOY-AUTOs...

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