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Hi all, first post here.
I've got a 1998 S70 GLT that's smoking some, along with some other issues I'm in the process of addressing. If any of you can answer my questons, I'd be grateful.

1) What is the bore/stroke of the engine (2.4L I5)

2) What is the Compression Ratio of the engine? I saw on another website that it was "10.3:1", but I find that really high for a turbocharged engine.

3) Where does the intercooler sit? It looks like the IC piping leads up in front of the radiator - is it a FMIC hiding in there somewhere?

4) There is a small hose near the throttle body that looks to attach to a solenoid and recirculate back into the intake piping. That hose is split open. What is it?

I appreciate any input you guys can offer.
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