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Hi everyone,

I just bought a 94 Turbo wagon with ~145,000 miles on the clock.
I would like to pick your minds on 2 topics.

A. My 2 year old son reclined the electric driver's seat to the fully reclined position.
Now the back of the driver's seat will not recline back at all. I had to drive about an hour yesterday with the seat back all the way laid back. When i press
the recline button, i can still hear the motor run, but it does not recline back.
All the other electric seat controls are still working correctly.

B. The car is throwing codes indicating 1) Lamda sensor, 2) knock sensor.
The mechanic said that by replacing the Lamda sensor, it could possibly take care of the knock sensor. How difficult and rough how much would a Lamda sensor cost? Is this something that a novice person such as myself can do? I am somewhat OK with a wrench.

All opinions are welcomed.
Thanks in advance.

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A. The seat back adjustment cable is stretched and will need to be replaced.You will need to open up the leather on the seat and replace the cable.

B. The O2 sensor is pretty expensive but you should be able to handle putting it in.
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