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This is just a short note to beware brick owners of the 81 244GLM kind.

I (for the first time ever) had a problem with starting my 24 year old Volvo the other day. It had rained like a champ for several days and went to start lots of crank from starter motor but no start.

I'm tight as a fish with money so I decided to try fixing it myself. OPened up bonnet; immediately suspected distributor that had a worn inner plastic cover (yellow in colour) that seperates the distributor rotor from the workings. So I sprayed WD40 everywhere..trying to get rid of any moisture. No luck.
Then tried taking out a spark plug and trying that against the block...plenty of spark (no luck).

Tried checking air filter (out - oohh....filthy) to make sure there was airflow....still no change...

Consulted book as to how fuel system worked but was inconfident to try taking fuel system apart.

Then thought...should check fuses. Checked fuses and tracked down which was fuel related. found the fuel pump fuses and looked at the really hard...decided they looked luck.......called the Road side assistance guys...230 bucks.

Boo hoo. Guy came out ..tried this and that ....looked in at fuses and scraped the fuel pump (number 7) fuse contacts .....Bingo ! I can't tell you how annoying it is to know you looked at something and didn't touch it. My guess? Moisture built up and made contact bad enough in fuse contacts to actually stop fuel flow (from tank pump I think). Don't make my mistake.........DW

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You should remove all fuses atleast Once a year and clean contacts with a brush to clean up.And you could even put a thin layer of grease on them and then reinstall all fuses.
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