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  1. General Volvo Non-Model Specific Discussion
    Volvo Premium Tech Tool software has released to V2.03. The newest V2.03.85 is verified working. Here is the instruction on installing PTT2.03 software. Software version: V2.03.85 This software can be purchased in autonumen, price is 230usd. Hardware: The PTT V2.03 software must be loaded...
  2. General Volvo Non-Model Specific Discussion
    Q:id someone test PTT with Vocom (volvo 88890300) interface? As after fresh install of PTT 1.12, i am not sure what online updates to download for this interface to work? Or should i use some offline updates only? A:Yes working perfect, you need to download all the updates available. Q:Ok, so...
  3. General Volvo Non-Model Specific Discussion
    Firstly, Volvo Vocom 88890300 is a truck diagnostic tool for Volvo / Renault / UD / Mack that supports online updates, repairs and diagnostic processes. The vocom interface was developed with a focus on robustness and durability in order to withstand the harsh workshop environment. This is the...
1-3 of 3 Results