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  1. Volvo 240, 242, 244 & 245 Forum
    Hello, first post… I have a 1990 240 wagon the fan that blows air out of the vents only works on speed 3 and 4, not at 1 or 2 is this an easy or hard problem to solve? Thoughts on how to fix? thanks, Mike
  2. Volvo 240, 242, 244 & 245 Forum
    I own a 1989 240GL and when I purchased it, there was an issue of stalling after a short stop (such as at an intersection.) I had been advised by a mechanic that it was likely the MAF. So, naturally, I went out and dropped $150 on a new OEM sensor. Which was dumb in this case because the culprit...
1-2 of 2 Results