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  1. 1G (1998-2000) S70, V70 & V70XC Forum
    Hi, I have a spear Volvo S70 from 1998 that has cruise control and I would like to know what I would need to remove from it to get cruise control to work on my base Volvo S70 1998 (main car that i use). Hopefully someone else has done this before. Thanks!
  2. 1G (1998-2000) S70, V70 & V70XC Forum
    Okay so I recently became a new owner of a Volvo wagon. It says on the back of it v70 and when I put the Vin# into AutoZone and a few other sites it came back as a 2000 v70 so I just got a Volvo app and when I added my car and entered the Vin# it came back as a 1998 s70. I even contacted the...
1-2 of 2 Results