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> Winter Tire Size Help, s60 2001
post Oct 13 2012, 10:48 PM
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hi everyone i have a quick question my boyfriend bought a 2001 s60 this summer and we were wondering if our old set of winter tires from our old car we had before fit on our volvo ? the tires size that is written on the inside of gas cap is 205/55/r16 but the tires that are on now are 215/60/r16 i think (summer tires ).. and the winter ones we want to put on is 205/65/r16 ! i've been looking around the web and it says 195/65/r15 fit .... oh yea and another this the ones we have on now 215/60/r16 i think (pretty sure ) make noise when we turn so it means they are to large !!!
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post Oct 14 2012, 12:56 PM
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You should be okay with any of them.

I run 205/55/16 during the Summer on aluminum wheels;
and 195/65/15 during the Winter on steel wheels.

As you'll see below, these two tires are almost identical in their circumference, and a NEVER have any rubbing with either of them; even when there's a buildup of snow/ice/slush inside the wheelwells.

I'm surprised that the 215/60/16 rubs at all; but that is probably due to the 215MM Width (only 1/2" wider than the 205, but that must be enough). Before installing different tires, you should try to get the vehicle up in the air and see where the tires are actually touching when turning . . . . it's probably on the suspension (lower control arm?) and not the wheel well. But it might be due to something else besides tire size. There should be scuff marks making it quite clear what's happening.

Just a note about how to understand these tire sizes;

The 195 (7.68") or 205 (8.07") or 215 (8.47") is the width of the tread in Millimeters;

And the 55 or 60 or 65 is the percentage or "ratio" of the profile to the tread width. The Profile is the distance between the pavement and the bottom of the wheel.

So a 195/65 has a profile of 195MM X 65% or roughly 127MM or 4.99";

And the 205/55 profiles at 205MM X 55% = 113MM or 113MM or 4.44";

The 205/60 profiles at 205MM X 60% = 123MM or 4.84";

The 205/65 profiles at 215MM X 65% = 133MM or 5.25";

And the 215/60 profiles at 215MM X 60% = 129mm or 5.08"

The overall diameter of these tires then is as follows:

195/65/15 = 15 + (2 X 4.99) = 25"

205/55/16 = 16 + (2 X 4.44) = 24.88"

205/60/16 = 16 + (2 X 4.84) = 25.68"

205/65/16 = 16 + (2 X 5.25) = 26.5"

215/60/16 = 16 + (2 X 5.08) = 26.16"

And the circumference for each, and revolutions per mile is:

195/65/15 = 25 X 3.1416 = 78.54" or 807 revolutions per mile;

205/55/16 = 24.88 X 3.1416 = 78.16" or 810 revolutions per mile;

205/60/16 = 25.68 X 3.1416 = 80.68" or 785 revolutions per mile;

205/65/16 = 26.5" X 3.1416 = 83.25" or 761 revolutions per mile; and finally,

215/60/16 = 26.16" X 3.1416 = 82.18" or 771 revolutions per mile.

That's probably more than you ever wanted to know; but as you can see, all of these tires are pretty close in outside dimensions; but to avoid any chance of rubbing in the future, I'd stick with sizes as close to the manufacturer's recommendations as possible. But if you already have the Winter Tires sized at 205/65/16, then you're probably not going to have the same rubbing that you are currently experiencing because the 205/65/16 is narrower and it shouldn't touch the suspension . . . . but it is a bit taller (has a larger overall diameter than the manufacturer recommends) and may touch the inner fender when you hit a bump, and there won't be as much room for slush and snow to build up inside the wheel well. You'll know about that shortly after installing.

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