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> Aftermarket Stereo Install 2001 S40
post Mar 1 2011, 10:51 PM
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I would like to share my experience installing an aftermarket stereo in my 2001 Volvo S40. I share so that others may read this and avoid a few pitfalls that I ran into. More specifically, I would NOT recommend using the Metra pocket as they seem to be of inferior quality compared to others on the market. Also, at the time of my install the recommended harness was not correct on the Metra website. I brought this to their attention and it seems to be corrected now.

This install is a simple radio replacement because my wife wanted a CD player and the ability to hook up an iPod or iPhone. I choose the Sony CDX-GT550UI because it has a USB port in front that I can plug in either a USB stick loaded with MP3 music, or I can hook up a special iPod/iPhone cord that can be purchased separately. It also has a generic AUX input on the front that I can use to plug in any MP3 player using a headphone style patch cord.


Here are the items I needed to install my Sony stereo
  • Metra Turbo wiring harness p/n 70-9221
  • Metra Antennna Adapter Cable p/n 40-VL10
  • Scosche Replacement Pocket p/n VO2158B
  • Raycahem Heat-Shrink Butt Splices 22-18 guage p/n CDGI-D-406-0001-10(or any wire connector of choice)

Some tools that will come in handy
  • A good wire stripper multi-tool (this can be used to strip wire, cut wire, and crimp)
  • A good pair of medium/heavy side cutters (for nipping the Scocshe pocket)

I used the notes that came with the Metra wiring harness and matched it up to the schematic that came with the Sony stereo. However, all the wires are color coded so all you need to do is match colors. For example, the + Left front speaker wire is solid white, so I match solid white wires and connect them using butt splice. The kind I used were the crimp type, so I simply used the crimping feature on my multi-tool to crimp the wires in place.

some important notes
Solid yellow wire is used for the power that is constantly energized in order to save stereo presets.
Solid red is for the power that comes on when you turn the ignition.
Solid black is ground. Usually you are supposed to attach this to a metal part of the car, but 2001 Volvo S40s will have a black wire on the connector that you can splice to so I clipped off the metal connector that was on my Sony radio wire and spliced it to the black wire on my Metra wiring harness.

There are some wires that were on the OEM radio that are not used on my Sony such as the orange and orange/white wires which are used for illumination and dimmer functions. These are used on the OEM radio and I think most aftermarket radios do not use them. I think these coordinate the dimming of the radio lights when the headlights are turned on for example, and it probably allows one to dim the radio along with the dash lights. Again, my Sony player does not support these functions so I removed them from the Metra wiring harness using needle nose pliers to pluck them out.

Once the wiring harness is connected you can gather all your things and try it out in your car to test it. It is really easy to remove the radio from the 2001 Volvo S40. There are 2 elongated buttons on either side of the OEM radio. All you need to do is push them in so that they click and spring out. Then you can used these 2 handles to slide the radio out. You will need to put the shifter out of park while you slide out the radio since it will be in the way. Here is a pic showing one of the buttons sprung out.

Once you disconnect all the wires from the OEM stereo you can plug in your wiring harness to the car. Plug in the antenna adapter to the antenna plug in the car as well. Plug the harness into the aftermarket stereo and plug in the antenna into the aftermarket stereo. Turn the ignition to check that everything works. Check that the antenna extends when turned on.

Once you tested everything out and find that it works disconnect the radio from the plugs so that you can actually install it in the car. The good thing about this vehicle is that the upper area where the OEM radio goes fits the Sony(and probably most standard DIN radios) very nicely.

One trick I did was attach the "protection collar"/bezel to the bracket so that I could tell where the radio would be when I slide the bracket in place. The bracket is a very snug fit. Once I was satisfied with the depth of the bracket I bent tabs in order to lock it in place. I didn't bend all the tabs, and some tabs are not symmetric from one side to the other. In any case, I was able to bend several tabs and I was satisfied that the bracket wouldn't move.

Once the bracket is reasonably secure, you can fish the wires through and plug them into the Sony radio. Once this is done you can simply slide in the radio until it locks in place. Then attach the "protection collar"/radio bezel and you are almost done.

It might be good to test everything again to make sure there are no issues before you continue the install.

The pocket was the most troubling for me at first. I ended up using the Scosche pocket as I felt it fit better overall, and I felt it was of better quality. The main issue with all these pockets is that they are not specifically designed for the 2001 Volvo S40, so you will HAVE to modify it. However, with the Scosche I felt the modding was kept to a minimum, so you shouldn't feel intimidated if you've never done an install. This was only my 2nd radio install ever.

The reason why the Scosche pocket won't fit right out of the package is because you cannot push the pocket in deep enough to engage the snaps and lock in place. This is solved by nipping off some material on all 4 corners of the pocket to allow the pocket to be pushed in deep enough to lock in place. In the follow picture you can see where I nipped the material on one corner.

Once you have played with the pocket and nipped enough material the pocket should be able to be pushed in far enough to lock in.
This type of install may not be satisfactory for people looking for a very polished and refined look. However, for a basic radio replacement I think it does the trick. The pictures really show the gaps and such due to the angle of the camera and the bright flash. But honestly once you have it installed it looks decent and now you have a much better radio than the OEM. I should also point out that I was only ever able to tune the strongest radio stations on my OEM radio. I don't know why. With my new one I am able to tune in all my favorite stations near and far. And the added functions of the USB port gives a much more enjoyable experience in my Volvo. I used to hate driving my wife's car due to the inferior stereo, but now I don't mind. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

I apologize for not including more detail pics of each step. I didn't think to chronicle the process and post anything until after everything was installed. However, I think anyone that is handy can do it with the notes I did include. Also, simply by providing the part numbers of everything I used it will save you a heap of trouble. 1) the recommended Metra harness was dead wrong for the 2001 S40. Both on the Metra website(it's fixed now), but also from the electronics store that also gave the bad recommendation. 2) the Scosche pocket fit's the best and you shouldn't waste your time with anything else.
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post Jul 14 2011, 12:51 PM
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Hi, first of all a big thank you for your excellent description of the project. It finally motivated me to tackle a radio replacement in my spouse's 2001 S40 sedan. Initially this was quite frustrating because I bought this complete kit:


Everything worked fine except the main wiring harness. It's totally wrong, and I just wrote it off because the supplier doesn't have a correct one and the hassle of sending it back and getting a refund was too much to make it worthwhile (I live in Canada and the vendor will only take bank drafts from outside the US and was generally quite tardy in reponding).

On the upside, howevger, the antenna loom and the install kit (in other words the plastic pocket that makes up for the switch from the stock double DIN radio to the aftermarket single DIN radio) was a perfect fit requiring no modifications. It snapped in perfectly and looks very good. So I would sugegst buying the Metra wiring kits and the pocket from Myinstallkit.

BTW, the reason I had to buy an aftermarket radio was that upon replacing the battery I could not re-activate the stock radio because the VOLVO code did not work (although we confirmed that it was the original stock radio), and VOLVO was completely uninterested in helping us out. Not an uncommon occurrence as I understand it.

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post Jul 15 2011, 03:16 AM
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Hi, for a person which has only done two installs I think you did a excellent job of describing it. Also I like the drink holder and coin compartment above headunit in picture. I have a V40 and never seen any with those.

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