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> V50 Etm Problems
post Jan 4 2007, 06:23 AM
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Drives: 2005 Volvo V50

There's been a lot of comment on the lack of a recall from Volvo UK on S60/V60 models with some problem with the ETM (throttle control module). Seems the module shuts down into a 'safe' mode which effectively cuts the power to the motor, so it will only operate at very slow speeds. The issue has been that this defect can occur whilst you are thundering down the fast lane of your local motorway, or, even worse, half way through an overtaking manoeuvre.
Apparently, US Volvos had a recall on this, but Volvo UK decided it was not a safety issue.... :wacko:

Why mention this on the V50 forum?
Because exactly the same happened to my 2005 V50 2.0D.
I'm driving home one day, and suddenly, there's no power. Bit like running out of fuel, but the engine didn't stop. After dropping a couple of gears, it carried on up the hill,very slowly.
Next day, it's just the same, and the lease company send out the roadside breakdown wagon. After an hour or so, he says it seems fine, but he's getting an error message related to the filter back pressure (from the exhaust particulate filter I believe). Before he leaves, I take him for a drive, and it's exactly the same. Foot to the floor, but it won't accelearate, although it doesn't cut out.
Took it into the dealers, and after a few hours it was sorted, they said, by a new software download (the supposed fix for the S60/V60 problem).
So, I set off back to work, and exactly the same problem occurred. It wouldn't go above about 30mph. Back to the dealers, who said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Took it out for a test drive, this time with the mechanic, and demonstrated that it just would not accelerate (why didn't they do that...?) and so they give me aloan car whilst they mess about some more.
Next day it's sorted, and they say it's down to water that has found its way into some control module or other, but they can't tell me how the water got in there, and why the module wasn't waterproofed....

Is this a problem anyone else has experienced?
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post Feb 6 2007, 11:17 PM
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Hi Banquo,

I haven't had any issues yet related to the ETM with my V50 T5 2005 however, while reading your article, I remembered noticing at least 3 times water dripping from the electronic interface connector found in the left lower corner on the driver side (next to the hood open handle).

I've noticed the water mainly after rain and in significant amount on the mat under the steering wheel.

Thank you for your comments since they'll be the reason I'll have the car checked to ensure that area is waterproof

Regards, Rasculatul
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post Feb 8 2007, 04:48 PM
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I had a problem with the s40T5 where water from the air conditioner ran under the front mats, then into the back carpet. Apparently it was from a split in the drain, and there were a few instances of it in the T5. Rasculatul, you might want to check your back carpet to see if it is wet. Dont assume that your kids let their water bottles leak in there, and growl at them, as I did (oops!).
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post Sep 5 2007, 04:17 AM
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Drives: 2005 Volvo V50 D2.0 SE

Interesting. I had a similar issue with my 2005 2.0D V50 just after i bought it. It was a very rainy day and I was driving down the A5 until I couldn't see the road any more because of spray. I tried to pull off at a junction, but unfortunately it was not a junction but a layby. I realised at the last minute and tried to pull back onto the dual carriageway. Having slowed down I desparately slammed the car into third, then second to re-accelerate onto the road. The car then entered the infamous "limp mode" when I could progress at no more than 20mph until I pulled off at the next junction. As I brought the car to a halt I turned off the engine for around five minutes to consider the situation and catch my breath. I started the car up again and continued home at full speed without another problem! It's never happened since in the year I have owned the car. Wierd.

However, I have had other issues which needed a "reboot of the computer"(turn engine off for 1min) - eg. the radio/cd player refused to work at all several times. I'm convinced the car is built with Windows 95 - it's the only explanation! :thumbsup:
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