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> Brake Booster Replacement
post Dec 2 2006, 10:42 AM
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Volvo Guru !

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Brake Booster replacement:

First start by Disconnecting the Battery.

Then open the hood and remove the Upper torque mount cross member.

Next remove the Air filter housing.

The remove the Big Cover over the Relay/fuse panel under the hood.
Once the cover is off remove the 13mm nut for the Positive cable.

Then remove the 2 screws securing the Relay box into place.(one of the screws is under where the positive cable just came off)
Unplug the one harness from the box and move the box to the side.

Then reach under and unplug the ABS module. There is 2 plugs. One you have to push a little tab and fold the cover back to release the plug. The other is 2 push tabs then pull.

Ok here is where it will get a little tricky. Look where the ABS pump motor assembly bolts to the body. There is 3 10mm bolts remove them and make sure the pump motor is loose.(No need to disconnect the lines)
Remove the 2 screws holding the Master Cylinder to the booster.
Unplug the sensor in the booster. Remove the Line and Valve from inside the booster.

That should be about it from outside till the booster is loose.

Inside the car:

Remove the Lower dash panel on the drivers side.
Then remove the clip holding the brake pedal to the booster. Either slide the Pin out or slide the Arm off.(Forget which it has). Then remove the 4 13mm screws holding the Booster to the Firewall.

Now go back outside:

Then slide the Master cylinder off of the Booster and kind of pull and move to the side.
Might require Carefully bending some of the lines. Then slide the Booster out.(Most of the times it takes some work to get it slid out. It might take some time to slide it out just take your time.

Then install in reverse order.

It will take a little time to do. About 1/2 a day at home with Hand tools.

Sorry forgot to tell you to make sure you check the adjustment on the brake light switch when you are done.

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post Jan 27 2007, 10:26 AM
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I am new member. I bought off lease a 2003 S60 AWD. Nice drive, very happy until 10,00km after a noise from the brake pad started to sound like loosing air. I check with dealer and told mer the brake booster needs replacement ($1,500). Is this common to Volvos with 93,000 Kms ? Any recalls or extended warranty ?

I would like to hear.


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post Aug 21 2007, 01:06 AM
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I know this was posted a while ago--but I am having the EXACT same issue. My S60 has about 98k miles and there was a hissing noise--like the AC was coming out of the brake pedal. Turned out to be the brake booster--cost to fix 800 bucks!!! So sad--why would this part turn south on me like this? I feel like there shouldn't be major issues on a car that is so well built and so expensive in the first place!! Looks like the other guy that posted is paying waaay too much to have his fixed (1500).
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post Aug 11 2009, 08:19 PM
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I did this and all work great the problem i am having is now it seems like the booster Pin is holding the MC and keeping the breaks on.This is causing the brakes to drag.Is this possible? If so how can i fix it?
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post Feb 22 2010, 03:00 PM
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Thanks Tech for your instructions, I replaced the brake booster as you suggested, and I did not disconnect the master cylinder or the ABS pump lines. They were gently moved away.

I would only add that the air intake hose to the turbo has to be removed. This was left out of Tech's description.

Cheers (IMG:style_emoticons/default/thumbsup.gif)

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